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We are a Class 3 Firearms Dealer based in Southeast Indiana. We buy and sell all varieties of firearms such as Assault Rifles, Sporting Rifles, Shotguns and Handguns.

We also buy from, sell to and procure for eligible customers NFA (Class III) Firearms. These include Machine Guns, Short Barreled Rifles, and Silencers also known as Supressors.

The common misconception amongst  firearms enthusiasts is that you have to have a "license" to own NFA firearms. This is simply incorrect and based on misinformation perpetuated  over time. Since 1934 American Citizens who are eligible, have been able to purchase and own NFA firearms.

Originally, the National Firearms Act of 1934 imposed a significant excise tax of $200.00 be paid and registration be filed in order to purchase and own machine guns, SBRs, Short Barreled Shotguns, Destructive Devices and Any Other Weapons. This was intended to deter "Gangster" weapons from being circulated anonymously and also was quite an expensive price to pay for most civilians.

In 1986, this Act amended the NFA definition of “silencer” by adding combinations of parts for silencers and any part intended for use in the assembly or fabrication of a silencer. The Act also amended the GCA to prohibit the transfer or possession of machineguns. Exceptions were made for transfers of machineguns to, or possession of machineguns by, government agencies, and those lawfully possessed before the effective date of the prohibition, May 19, 1986.

So today, the only NFA firearms which are legal for transfer to civilians are the ones which were added to the NFA registry in 1986. This means that there is a fixed number of these transferable firearms. This makes them a good investment, which will only increase in value. Also the one time transfer tax of $200.00 has not changed since 1934.

 All builds and components are covered by BST 100% as long as you own your rifle. If anything goes wrong with it we will repair or replace it at our expense - GUARANTEED

Return Policy - If you order a firearm and receive an order confirmation number from BST, then for whatever reason, decide to cancel your order before it has shipped, there will be a 5% procurement / re-stocking fee assessed against your
credit card which was used for payment.

If your firearm has been delivered to your dealer and is not found to be defective upon receipt, it is considered to be non defective and serviceable. If you decide for any reason, that you would like to return a non defective and serviceable firearm to us for a refund,
you have 10 days from the date of delivery to your dealer to do so, insured at your own expense for the purchase amount, plus $35.00 credit card refund service charge as well as  the aforementioned 5% re-stocking fee. After ten days we will not accept return of non defective and serviceable firearms for a refund.

If you order a firearm from us and then do not pass the required NICS or other additional local background checks or licensing requirements to take possession of it via transfer from the FFL dealer it was shipped to for any reason, you still own the firearm. We will not accept return of, for refund, any firearm due to the customer's failure to meet any requirements for transfer. We operate under the ATF rules and guidelines as set forth in ATF Publication 5300.4. It is the buyer's responsibility to know and understand their local firearms laws and any other local restrictions as they apply to legal firearms possession.

If you are interested in a particular type of NFA Firearm,
drop us a line
and we can help you find what you are looking for as well as assist you with the necessary paperwork for the transfer.